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Cacao Peanut Butter Cups (like Reece’s Buttercups) – recipe review

Recently, I was told to try out Cacao Peanut Butter Cups since they were super easy and delicious. I found a recipe on Spinach4Breakfast  and here’s my results! Step 1: Gather all the ingredients. Coconut oil, maple syrup (or Honey), vanilla extract, sea salt, peanut butter and cacao powder. There’s almonds in the picture because I… Continue reading Cacao Peanut Butter Cups (like Reece’s Buttercups) – recipe review

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Moose & Gibson – restaurant review

Located in Woolloongabba, Moose & Gibson is a trendy little cafe offering some unique options for brekky and lunch. I’ve actually been a couple of times and really enjoy the atmosphere. The last time I went I tried the ‘Gnocchi with a mild creamy blue cheese sauce, spinach, with parmesan and prosciutto crumble’ which you… Continue reading Moose & Gibson – restaurant review

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Bare Bones Society – restaurant review

It was a Saturday morning and I was looking for a place to have some yummy brunch. We decided to try out the Bare Bones Society restaurant at 34 Goggs Road, Jindalee. It’s actually tucked away in the Jindalee Home area with all the large shops relating to homewares (we ducked into a light store… Continue reading Bare Bones Society – restaurant review

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Organic & natural beauty haul & review- Nourished Life

A couple of friends introduced me to organic and natural products… now I’m addicted to testing out which ones are good! A highly recommended website that my friend introduced me to is Nourished Life: An Australian company selling toxin-free beauty goodies based on a very strict ingreidents policy Fantastic range of products, fast shipping (free… Continue reading Organic & natural beauty haul & review- Nourished Life

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Fabric Flowers – Watercolour Paint DIY

This DIY was inspired by TheSorryGirl’s tutorial on a DIY water colour apron for Mother’s Day: I had previously made some white fabric flowers and thought, why not add some colour using the same technique?! Step One: Mix fabric paint colours until you get the desired colours. Mix in a lot of white if you… Continue reading Fabric Flowers – Watercolour Paint DIY


Brisbane Southbank Scavenger Hunt

This is a scavenger hunt list (pdf) designed for Brisbane’s Southbank area: Southbank Scavenger Hunt List As a co-leader of a youth group at my church, we used this and it was a blast! It’s basically structured around three categories: information (filling in answers to questions), gathering (specific items) and photos (team photos in front… Continue reading Brisbane Southbank Scavenger Hunt