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DIY Easy Upcycled Candles in a Jar

I had some left over tealights and empty jars. Why not make them into candles?! 

I depotted the tealights very their metal shells and placed them in one of the jars. Over the medium heat, I placed the jar into a pot of boiling water until the tealights were melted into liquid. 

For the wick, I tied a length of twine onto a kebab stick and cut it to the height of the jar. 

I dipped the twine into the candle wax mixture until it was all covered. Then I placed the wick into the mixture and rested the kebab stick into the rim. 

I also put a few drops of essential oils in. 

I left them in the fridge for a few hours. 

Then I tried them…. They worked!

In case you were wondering, the jars were coloured by dropping some glass paint into the jar and swirling it around. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! 


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