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Easy DIY Pencil Coasters! 

I have a lot of stationery from my childhood, including lots of tiny pencils. You can imagine that both my sister and I loved to doodle in our youth! 

I wanted to upcycle them so I made them into cute little coasters. 

Here’s how I did it! 


  • Hot glue gun (for instant results, or wood glue for cleaner effect but longer drying time) 
  • Tiny pencils
  • Pencil sharpener


1. Group your pencils

You can really put whatever pencils you want together but this is what I found useful. 

I organised them in groups of conplementary colours and also similar sizes. See below for some examples:

I personally liked having the tips of the pencils facing one way. I also tended to put the longest pencil in the middle and the shortest in either side –  so that it looked like a mountain!

For some of them, I liked to show the side of the pencil that showed the colour (eg. Lavender). Others I placed with the cleanest and plain side up. 

Tip: If you have some pencils that are too long or you want to make your group to be a bit more symmetrical, you can sharpen them with a pencil sharpener.

2. Glue them together

I used the hot glue gun to combine the pencils. I got better with practise so that the hot glue was only visible on the underside. This is hard to explain but you can hide the hot glue by twisting the pencil slightly towards the other pencil after you have stuck them together. 

The advantage to using the hot glue gun is that it dries almost instantly. So satisfying. 

The disadvantage is that underside will have some hot glue visible…but that’s ok, when it’s on the table you can’t see it! 

If you want the glue to be invisible, you could try using wood glue. It will take a few hours to dry though and you might need some clamps to hold them together. 

And that’s it!! 🙂 


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