Natural flyaway hair tamer! 

I have dry and coarse hair with lots of flyaways… Some days I feel I’m looking at fireworks sprouting from the top of my head!

At one time, I was so desparate to fix them that I scoured Google to find the best flyaway tamer. I ended buying the acclaimed John Freida Full Repair Flyaway Tamer (from eBay because Australian stores don’t stock this particular product). 

Lo and behold! I loved it. It worked and it tamed those bad boys. It wasn’t greasy and lasted all day.

The only downside was that I used it up so quickly and it was expensive, especially when I had to get it via eBay. And it’s not a natural product. 😦

The internet came to my rescue again! I found an easy natural DIY flyaway tamer recipe from Body Unburdened.  

It has only three ingredients: castor oil, lavender essential oil and rosemary essential oil. 

I re-used my empty John Freida container which is made from dark plastic (great because oils tarnish in sunlight) and has a mascara head that evenly coats the oil in your hair. 

I poured the ingredients into the container and shook it around… Voila! 

I’ll update how it goes after a few weeks. 😉  


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