Lily lolo haul + review 

Moving into organic beauty products is a fun but also challenging process. Recently I bought some Lily Lolo products from

Here are my thoughts! (after quite a few months of use) 

This is a picture of the package that it came in:

The first product that I got was the Lily Lolo eyebrow duo in Medium. It comes with some brow wax and then the powdered colour.

I absolutely love the sleek and classy design of the packaging. It had a little mirror which is a nice touch. 

For me personally, I have sparse eyebrows with coarse Asian hair. I tried applying the wax first onto the eyebrow with an eyebrow brush (slanted). With the same brush, I dipped into the powder and applied it to my brow. I found that after the first time of doing this, the powder gets wet and dries so then you can’t just it very well. So then I tried using separate brushes for the wax and powder which worked better. 

It’s not the best for my eyebrows because the colour is a bit too warm brown for my black eyebrows and I don’t think I have enough hair to make it work – it doesn’t look very natural especially near the tail of my brow which is sparser than flora in a desert. 

Might worth great for you if you have thicker brows! 

The second product that I got was the Lily Lolo Bb cream in medium. 

Some swatches of the product (I have Asian skin that tans easily, yellow undertones):

I love the packaging, it’s a tube so great for travelling and it’s light weight. When I’m nearly finished, I can roll up the tube to get the last of the product so I don’t waste it. It has a flat top lid so you can stand it up and save space. Honestly, great design guys!

I didn’t love the BB cream at first because the coverage was really light. It also has a bit of a strange smell at first but it does fade. If you are wanting some coverage then you might be disappointed if you get this. It does layer really well and didn’t stick to my dry patches (which often happens for me). 

After a few months of use, I found that I thought the coverage was good (crazy how you adjust to what you see). When I put a foundation on instead for a special event, I thought it was heavy coverage when I used to think it was only light. 

So overall, I do really like it for everyday use. It’s light, blends well and matches my skin tone. It would be easy to take travelling. 

Also wanted to mention that the Beautiful Because company sends you samples with each purchase. I asked for foundation samples and got these ones:

What do you think? Have you tried any of these products from Lily Lolo before? 


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