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Easy marble cork board DIY

Learn how to transform an ordinary cork board like this….

To a marble cork board! 

By looking at it, you can probably guess how it was done. Just in case you haven’t figured it out, here’s how I did it. 


  • Gold paint 
  • Marble contact paper (I bought mine for a few dollars at Kmart, finally found a place that stocks it in Australia!) 
  • Gold chain or ribbon 
  • Gold hooks


  1. Paint the rim of the cork board with your gold paint. 
  2. Measure out the cork board (excluding the frame) and cut out the marble contact paper to the measurements. 
  3. Remove the backing of the contact paper and put the marble contact paper onto the cork board. Smooth out any bubbles as you go along with a ruler. 
  4. Mark out where you want the gold hooks to appear on your frame. Screw the hooks into the frame, patience will do it… No drill needed. 
  5. Lastly,  thread the gold chain through the hooks. I upcycled some old chains that came with a pair of boots that I used to own. I attached them together and to the hooks with some gold wire. You could use a hot glue gun instead. 

And that’s it! 

I often use it often as a back drop to my photos like in this picture:


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