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Cacao Peanut Butter Cups (like Reece’s Buttercups) – recipe review

Recently, I was told to try out Cacao Peanut Butter Cups since they were super easy and delicious.

I found a recipe on Spinach4Breakfast  and here’s my results!

Step 1: Gather all the ingredients.

Coconut oil, maple syrup (or Honey), vanilla extract, sea salt, peanut butter and cacao powder. There’s almonds in the picture because I thought I could add them in to see if they would work!

Handy tip: If your coconut oil is solidified, you can put the coconut oil into the mixing bowl and place it into a sink with some hot water. It will melt into it’s oil form in no time (and without the hassle of using the stove top)!


Step 2: Mix all the ingredients together…

I couldn’t find a measuring cup so I may have guestimated the proportions using a normal drinking glass. In any case, I think it should look liquid-y and chocolate-like.


Step 3: Add the mixture to some moulds.

I used silicone moulds so that they would slip out easily and would be quick to clean. I found that following the recipe’s proportions (roughly), I only filled up three small silicone moulds. A small amount of mixture was left over in the mixing bowl so that I could cover the peanut butter after the next step.

After adding the mixture to the moulds, I put the moulds onto a plate and into the freezer for five minutes as per the recipe’s instructions.

Step 4: Add peanut butter.

Taking the moulds from the freezer, I added a small dollop of peanut butter to each mould. Then back to the freezer!


Step Five: Adding mixture to cover the peanut butter.

Back to the fridge!


Step Six: Time to eat!

They turned out great once I took them out of the moulds. The crispiness of the cacao mixture and the sweet softness of the peanut butter were delicious. One was enough as they were quite rich. A winner recipe! 


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