Organic and Eco-friendly Beauty – why is it important?

Like many other girls, I love experimenting and trying out new beauty products.

Organic & eco-friendly beauty haul
Organic & eco-friendly beauty haul

I am filled with a strange excited glee and waving/wild flapping of hands when I find something new that is AWESOME! Anyone with me?

The only catch is that beauty products have an impact on both the environment and on our bodies.

Beauty products often come in multiple layers of packaging that go straight into trash can (and ultimately landfill) after we’ve finished with them. And beauty products can be made from nasty chemicals that aren’t good for our bodies in the long run.

So the hunt began!

Is it possible to find beauty products that are easy on the environment AND good for our bodies?

The answer is yes… BUT:

  1. Organic and eco-friendly products can be hard to find. 
    Not as many companies produce them and if they do, they’re often in tiny stores hidden in obscure places or on uncommon websites.
  2. They can be PRICEY!
    Making a product that is filled with good ingredients and minimises their impact on the environment can cost the manufacturer and supplier extra, which is then passed onto the consumer. 
  3. Not always as good as non-organic and non-ecofriendly products.
    That’s the truth. They aren’t always as effective as less ethical products which is particularly sad when number two in this list is also true…

So, hopefully this blog will help you find some good ones.

I’ll be trying out and reviewing new products based on the 3 points above (availability, price & effectiveness).

Enjoy! x


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